Order at Scale

Fast experimentation and short time to market are the essence of digital market leadership. Customer’s immersion in technology opens up opportunities for creation of previously unknown experiences. Success requires to carefully combine full development team autonomy with sustainable complexity levels of the software system lifecycle with hundreds of teams. We offer strategies, tools, or custom made platform solutions to motivate or ensure uniform approaches despite team independence.

Cloud Consulting

Moving a portion or the complete IT to the Cloud has become imperative for many organisations. We help clients to define their cloud strategy and migration roadmap. We aid in provider selection and guidance which cloud level to target (IaaS vs PaaS). Moving parts or all of your business to the cloud involves making decisions that have a mid- to long term impact on your organisation. We can help you understand possible decision options and their implications and refine your cloud strategy so that it matches your mid- to long term business goals.

Site Reliability Engineering

Site Reliability Engineering has proven to be a successful solution to the tension between an agile focus on feature delivery and constantly maintaining software product quality to efficiently operate the product within the desired service level boundaries. Are planning to introduce Site Reliability Engineering to your organisation? We help you to pick the most suitable SRE approach and to enable the prospect SRE teams. We also assist with introducing the SRE concept to management and agile development teams as an extension of the devops mindset.